Monday, March 31, 2014

I have a new residency!

Further to my previous post about my contributions to Online Spin over at Mediapost, I must have done something right, or Joseph Jaffe must have done something really bad (more likely!) and I am now happy to tell you you can find me there every Monday. Which means I am from now on required to write something controversial, witty and poignant every weekend. Yay for me. Wish me luck!

Given this awesome responsibility, I do not have the time to write many updates here. But if you have subscribed to this blog you will receive updates when I do. In the meantime, sign up for Mediapost's Online Spin (and my weekly contributions) via this link:

Monday, March 3, 2014

Here is one I made earlier: food for thought from controversy served daily

Some of you may know that I have taken a blog post residency over on Mediapost’s Online Spin. Every other Monday I am sharing my take on “controversy served daily”, alternating with my “Z.E.R.O.” co-author Joseph Jaffe. Other contributors include Max Kalehoff (SVP Marketing at Socialcode), Dave Morgan (CEO, Simulmedia), Joe Marchese (CEO of true[X]), Cory Treffiletti, SVP Marketing BlueKai and others. Yeah, I know, what the heck am I doing in that group, right?